Thursday, February 25, 2016

And That Is How The DoJo Grill Was Born!

Roanoke's one and only artisan grilled cheese food truck has arrived! The owner of Vivid, LLC and the former owner of The Sunsprite Cafe coffee shop has given birth to Roanoke's one and only artisan grilled cheese food truck. It will totally have you rethinking grilled cheese.

Toya, searched for a new space to transplant her coffee shop but didn't have any luck. After closing her coffee shop, she set out on a mission again to find a location. Nothing was sparking her interest as well as being in an affordable price range.

She had been doing extensive research for the past two years leading up to the closing of the coffee shop, on tiny homes and mobile conversions. She had a background and a general knowledge of how to make a tiny home habitable. She was still very much so active in her company Vivid, LLC which umbrellas Vivid Property Maintenance.

Originally, looking for a school bus to convert into a camper/tiny house, Toya stumbled upon a great deal on a 1980 GMC Thomas-Built short bus. After purchasing it and driving it home, her brain immediately started clicking.

In a years time, she drew out a floor plan, completely gutted it, ran electrical throughout, ran plumbing, took the required food safety course/test, got licensed with the proper permits and launched it!

Only five months old, The DoJo Grill continues to gain popularity! She makes her rounds to all of the local breweries, participates in fundraisers, private events, corporate lunches, partnering with venues, food festivals and music festivals.

Toya knew that what she had was something special but she never expected it to take off as fast as it has. Her 2016 calendar is filling up at a rapid rate. The customers feedback has been super positive and mind blowing!

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